To develop an energetic and entrepreneurial business community that is ambitious, innovative and always resourceful which connects, inspires and strengthens the business sector and creates cohesion, a vibrant town centre, a great visitor experience and a sense of pride in our town.

Strategic Objectives and Projects

1. Promotion
Identify, develop and promote the strengths, characteristics and the business offer of Luton town centre to positively change perceptions of the town, locally regionally and nationally.

2. Environment
To ensure that the town centre and all its different areas present an accessible and appealing environment which attracts business investment, encourages visitors to stay longer and fosters a pride in the town.

3. Experience
To provide a safe, attractive and appealing experience for visitors and workers in Luton town centre to enjoy.

4. Businesses working together
To build on the strengths of the businesses in Luton town centre, to support and promote growth, development, investment and a sense of businesses community.

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